Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Be Brave Enough to be Surprised

By Carrie
So many hours, so many days and so much stress to make a plan work. As an athlete our training is all about a plan. We structure our goals around the training cycle. Whether it is for 4 weeks, 4 months or 4 years. There are specifics and minute details that prepare each one of us for the best success. As we know "Life is what happens while making plans." It does not matter how hard we try, there are things that we cannot control.
Many times I have tried to achieve a goal and felt defeated because it did not turn out like I expected.  My first thought is usually, "What could I have done differently to change the outcome"? On the opposite side of the coin there were times when I exceeded my expectations. I again ask "How could this happen to me"? There always seems to be questions about what and why things would happen.  In the past few weeks my life has changed. I aspire to be a ParaCyclist atop the podium. However, life seems to have its own plans for me. After the recent Track cycling Championships I felt like my dreams were rolling away. I did not perform to my expectations. I am not going to give up.  No question about it. Since the beginning of September I have started to coach a new swim team. The swimmers are from ages 5-18. By coaching them on a daily basis I have in turn been reminded of many fundamentals as an athlete. When a plan doesn't work, step back and break it down into pieces. The swimmers keep working hard despite the challenges. When you step back and can create a new path to reach the same goal, you dig a little deeper. You work harder and smarter.   After these past two months and my performance I am happy to be surprised. I am not broken or defeated. I am not changing my goal. I still strive to be the best. But I am happy to change my plan.
In the last few days it has been a whirlwind. Just as I begin to regain my plan I am hit with a strong wind of momentum. People have stepped into my life by happenstance. The genuine kindness, support and  assistance have reignited this fire. I never thought that I was without motivation or support.  I never assumed that this would happen. It wasn't a part of my plan.  But now, I am on a recreated path with a plan of action looking forward to being surprised with the outcome.   No doubts, no questions, Being brave enough to be surprised!

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