Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Brave Enough to Be Introduced

by Ryan

Team AWE is the brainchild of four motivated and gregarious women that were all looking for much of the same thing. Conceived over a latte and some warm conversation, it was immediately evident that what these women each lacked on their own, could be found when uniting together.

And so it was.

The Able Women Empowering to make a change of the face of women in sports, women in disabled sports, awareness of physical challenges, support for new women athletes, and everything in between. These women--Tricia Downing, Ryan McLean, Hannah Pennington, and Carrie Willoughby-- have never been so excited to prove to the world the power and passion that lies within a team, this team, Team AWE.

The team has dedicated their efforts to improving themselves and their own sporting ventures, but--more importantly--to leave an impact on audiences of willing individuals brave enough to take a look at their own challenges and desires, and make the willing decision to go for them.


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